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Memorial Congregation Church : United Church of Christ : Baldwinville , MASS

The North Brookfield First Congreagational Church  contacted Old Time Restoration  to remove their damaged steeple and restore it to the orginal form.  The steeple was a classic New England steeple with post and beam frame , which needed to be rebuilt from years of baring against the  harsh elements of New England.  Addition to the steeple , new ceder shingles , fresh coat of  paint  and  copper roofs were installed.  The steeple was then attached with these addition wtih the help of cranes. Along with all Old Time Restoration projects was completely designed and structurly engineer

R.E. Lee Memorial Church: Lexington, Virgina

Old Time Restoration took on the Brookfield's First Congreational Church project on with expectation to succed but took it the state level and was awarded the Massachusetts Historical Preservation Award. The project was done in three stages , the lower level , the steeple , and painting. The Lower level stage intitled the floor replacement , installation of 20 support frames from the crawl space up to the second floor framing , and then remove the existing lower lever floor framing.  The stone foundation was then repointed , then covered the dirt floor with 6 mill black pastic with 3/4 crush stone. Proceeded to install new concrete post support , frame a 2 x 10 " P.T. floow ststem with 3/4 " plywood deck, and installednew 3/4"  oak hardwood floor. The second stage which was the steeple aspect , with inspection of the steeple showed that  brace and removal was neccesary.The steeple was removed in three level each braced with cable designed by Old Time Restoration to remove. Once on the the ground it was rebuilt from the original 1860 plans . The bell tower was done with rounded copper roofs , wood shingles arched around the opening of the bell level then was renistalled on the tower. The third and final stage was the painting. With a Masschusetts Historical funding  for this stage orginal colors were used  and this church was thought to be a typical white New England church was actually a Victioran church with brown , cream and sandstone color. Following the origainl plans and oringal paint was a great sucess for Old Time Restoration as we won eht Mass Historical Award for this project.

North Brookfield  First Congregational Church 

The First Congregational Church of Holden, Ma. contacted Old Tiime Restoration due to in part that the building was falling apart. A broekn 8"x8 " support post for the main roof trust had collapsed, causing the building to push 8" out of alignment. To solve the problem we ran a 3/4" cable across the church's main hall with 2 x 6 ton cables which pulled the building back together. We then replaced the 8" x 8" x 25' upright post and used steel plates to attach the beams to the trust. Additional work performed uprighted the granite foundation, all roofing was removed and replaced done with CDX plywood and 40 years shingles , installed mono gram vinyl siding with custom trim to the entire church.  Also put on the steeple  and the copular to form a maintance free church.

Some our recent project include the following:

Brookfield  First Congregational Church 


After a blasing fire destored the building next the the church the top of the spire was caught on fire. Old Time Restoration was contacted for the expertise of extreme heights ,ability to work fast and  Old Time Restoration opened the top the steeple due to the fire , removed the weather vane and then procedded to open 10' of the steeple.
With damage to the steeple not through the entire steeple the operation the to steeple was done in the air. Which entiled of removal of the slate roof , the 10' of sheathing board , and the copper hip caps. Then proceeded to replaced the damage king post , the framing rafters and sheathing boards. Then custom bent new copper to match the existing caps , and used Vermont slate to match extisting slate roof.


Pleasant Street Bapatist Church Worchester MA

First Congregational Church : Holden , MA



This church was built without the bottom chord to the truss system to allow for a large open church hall and over the years the walls pulled out and the roof was falling in, so I designed a 1" steel rod with a turnbuckle, we designed a plate system to attach to each end of the side truss with a swivel buckle to attach the rod end, we installed 5 sets of rods to the existing trusses and pulled the walls in slowly and raised the roof back in place.
We installed 1/2' blueboard over the existing plaster which was cracked and falling in and apply a skim coat plaster to all walls and ceiling, will applied a historical matching color to the interior and clean all woodwork and applied an oil base tung oil to bring back the original shine to the wood work thru out the interior of this wonderful New England treasure.
Exterior- After the building was jacked back in place we repaired all missing slate and replaced the ridge cap with a custom copper ridge cap

Old Time Restoration was called upon through an article in the New York Times to travel to Lexington , Virginia  to the Washington and Lee campus to the R.E. Lee Memorial Episticol Church. With the steeple was on the ground due to water damage a couple years eariler with the main support beams damaged. From the original steeple plans were made for an exact replica of the original steeple. The matching steeple was done with post and beam structures with the use of freedom grey metal with zinc and tin, which is a replacement for lead covered copper. This advancement is environmentally freindly and completely replaces the lead with zinc and tin to cover the copper and make it  more "green". All metal exterior siding was hand cut totalling 3,500   8" x 18 " metal shingles with an embossed pattern which was hand pressed with a custom plate.